Where The Heck Have I Been?

Just a quick note to thank my faithful readers for their patience over the last month while I’ve been away from the computer due to work and unable to update as often as I’d like (as previously explained in a May 20th post).

The Drop Dead Diva TV shoot I’ve been working on as a background performer and stand-in since April is currently filming episode 107 of the series, which also happens to feature Kathy Najimy as a guest star, which is entirely relevant to this blog since she’s also the voice of Peggy Hill on King of the Hill. (Look for this episode to air on Lifetime sometime in late August.)

So, until production on the first season of the show wraps (around mid-August, perhaps), I unfortunately won’t be able to post updates with much regularity here. Perhaps by posting 8 new articles since Saturday it will tide you over until I can catch up on backlogged content as I find the time.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to visit The Voiceover Boblog, from my fellow VO and mentor (and all-around super-nice guy) Bob Souer. While Bob’s blog doesn’t share the heavy focus I have on cartoon voice actors, he’s been blogging about the business and craft of voice-overs longer than most anyone else has on the web, and we’re constantly bouncing links off each other too.

And speaking of working on “Diva,” I must get to bed. I have a frightfully early calltime Monday morning and need all the rest I can get.


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