RiffTrax Releases Two New Titles

RiffTrax.com reports (via Facebook) two new titles have been released in June: The Room (2003) and Voodoo Man (1944), with comedic commentary by Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast members Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett.

You can also view/hear samples of both titles on RiffTrax’s YouTube Channel.

On a related note, TulsaWorld.com has an interview with Mike Nelson discussing RiffTrax and their recent DVD box set release. This interview also answers a question I had personally been pondering on how much of RiffTrax’s commentaries involves improvisation:

Q: You do a good job of making the flow seem improvisational. How much of it is written and how much is improvised?

A: It’s always been pretty much written. The improv part of it — that’s our desire to make it seem so. We take chunks of the movie, then write it separately, then write it as a group. It’s fun once it’s all written, and you can relax and go to the studio. Then, the skill is to make it seem like it comes off the tip of your tongue.

Previous news: 5.01.2009 — More RiffTrax on DVD.


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