Jim Cummings Presents Braille Challenge Awards

From a PR Newswire Press Release:

The 9th Annual National Braille Challenge ® took place on Saturday, June 20 at Braille Institute’s headquarters in Los Angeles. The participants, ages 6 to 19, competed in challenging categories that required them to transcribe, type and read braille using a device called a Perkins Brailler. Each category was designed to test their braille skills in several areas–reading comprehension, braille spelling, chart and graph reading, proofreading and braille speed and accuracy–all of which they need to master in order to keep up with their sighted peers.

An awards ceremony followed, with prolific voice actor Jim Cummings serving as host and presenter for the event.

The Braille Institute’s website states that the ceremony will be available to download as a podcast in the near future via airsla.org.


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