Father/Son VO Duo Featured in Pixar’s ‘Up’ Dub

Not much to report on this one, but with it being Father’s Day, I thought it was too appropriate to pass up.

From an Asian Entertainment Media News Blog:

Wayne Lai….was invited to do the voiceover for the Hong Kong [dub of Pixar’s Up] with his son Lai Ching Kiu in conjunction with Michael Hui. Wayne will do the voice of “Dug” the golden retriever that can translate his thoughts into speech. Wayne’s son Ching Kiu will do the voice for main character Russell and resembles him a lot. His voice even sounds similar to the voice of the Amercian version. Although it was his first time stepping in a recording studio he didn’t appear to be frightened. Even his father Wayne was surprised.

As to why Michael Hui accepted to do the voiceover for the character Carl? He stated that he originally disliked doing voiceovers because of having to lip read. But after reading the movie script he was touched by Carl and Russell’s (Grandfather-Grandson) relationship. In addition, he even invited his 2 grandson’s to support him at the studio.

[Source: Erik Sheppard via Twitter]

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