Toyfare Interviews Frank Welker

The June 2009 print edition of Toyfare Magazine includes a 2-page interview with Frank Welker discussing his work on Scooby-Doo and Transformers, performing animal noises, and offering advice for aspiring voice actors. Here’s an excerpt with Frank’s opinion on the Hollywood trend for casting celebrity voices:

I can’t blame the studios for going there and I totally understand celebs for wanting to come into our our world. Their kids could care less if they work with Brad [Pitt] and [Angelina] Jolie, but when they tell their little ones they are going to be a barnacle on SpongeBob SquarePants they become heroes. The only thing that does bother me is when we are not being asked to audition, then we are unable to compete. As long as we have a chance to read for the same roles, not a problem, but a lot of time we are overlooked by the studio or director looking for a name. Don’t get me wrong, these folks are actors so it’s not like they can’t do the job and sometimes the casting is inspired. It’s just when I walk into a session and the director says “guess who I got to play Bill the talking bottle?” …they are more impressed by whom they got than who might be the best for the part.

The June issue of Toyfare is available on newsstands through May 26. (Sorry for the late notice, but I just discovered the article.) If you happen to miss picking up a copy, you can order back issues online for $4.99 via

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