Seth MacFarlane To Guest on ABC’s ‘Flash Forward’ reports:

In the preview clip of “Flash Forward” ABC showed to reporters Tuesday morning, a familiar face popped up in a scene set in a conference room. “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane has a cameo in the pilot, courtesy of his friendship with co-creator Brannon Braga. MacFarlane has made a handful of on-camera appearances in the past, including a couple of cameos on “Star Trek: Enterprise,” which Braga executive produced.

Elsewhere, has a screen cap and video preview clip from the pilot episode which features MacFarlane’s cameo.

The Flash Forward pilot premieres on ABC in the fall.

In related news, Seth MacFarlane was a guest recently on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher (Episode #152, 5.08.2009). Although both full versions and excerpts from the episode are available via YouTube, they’ll likely be yanked due to copyright violations so I’m not going to link to them directly except by way of search results. Official excerpts from the episode will probably be available in the near future via and/or

And it seems my April Fools Day gag at MacFarlane’s expense wasn’t much of a stretch after all as TMZ reports [link includes video] that he earned more than $100 million in 2008, which MacFarlane apparently felt justified purchasing a private plane that seats 13 people.

Previous report: 5.05.2009 — Seth MacFarlane Animated Comedy News Round-Up.


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