Kelsey Grammer Starring in New ABC Sitcom

The Boston Herald reports:

Tom Werner has teamed up with former “Cheers” star Kelsey Grammer [who has voiced characters in such animated productions as The Simpsons, Anastasia, Toy Story 2, and Gary the Rat] for a new ABC comedy called “Hank.”

“It’s about a CEO who is downsized and has to return home and reconnect with his family,” Werner told the Track. “Only with a lot less money.”

Werner, a legendary TV producer who launched the small-screen careers of Bill Cosby (“The Cosby Show”), Tom Hanks (“Bosom Buddies”), Roseanne Barr (“Roseanne”) and Robin Williams (“Mork & Mindy”), hasn’t had a hit sitcom on the boob tube since “That ’70s Show” bowed out in 2006.

Grammer, who had a good long run as Dr. Frasier Crane – first with the set-in-Boston comedy “Cheers,” and then in its spinoff, “Frasier” – returns to TV after a short-lived stint on the FOX sitcom “Back to You.”

Grammer plays Hank Pryor, a former Wall Street hotshot who returns to his hometown in Virginia with his wife and kids looking for a fresh start.

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