Victor Garber on Voicing Sinestro

Warner Bros has issued a press release (via Toon Zone) containing an interview with Victor Garber discussing his role as Sinestro in the upcoming animated direct-to-DVD feature, Green Lantern: First Flight. Here’s an excerpt:

QUESTION: How did you settle on the voice of Sinestro?

VICTOR GARBER: The challenge of bringing this character to life was to find exactly the right tone. My tendency would be to make it a little too colorful, but Andrea (Romano) and Bruce (Timm) gave direction that was very specifically to modulate it and find the right tone. It was interesting because with animation, it’s all voice – at the recording stage of the process, you don’t even really know what it’s going to look like. But when I read the script, I had sort of an idea of the sound of Sinestro, because it was very specifically written – and very well written – so you could understand the sense of humor and irony in this character. I appreciated that.

QUESTION: What development did you put into the voice?

VICTOR GARBER: I actually read the script aloud a couple of times and sort of experimented with a certain qualities. In the script, it says – and maybe this was a bit misleading – but it refers to Sinestro as having a bit of a Simon Cowell attitude. I tried not to let that influence me too much, but Sinestro is sarcastic and he’s got a real edge. So I played with it, and once I got into the studio with Andrea, the voice really came out.

QUESTION: From Nora Ephron to Gus Van Sant to James Cameron, you’ve worked with some impressive directors. What was your impression of your first voiceover under the direction of Andrea Romano?

VICTOR GARBER: Andrea is a task maker. She’s brilliant at her job, I have to say. You just feel confident that there’s someone in the booth that’s really watching out for you. She’s very specific, she knows what she wants, and she’s relentless at getting it – which is a great thing because then you know that the product is going to be the best it can be. I had a great time with her.

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