Seth MacFarlane Animated Comedy News Round-Up

– At a private press event this week commemorating the 100th episode of American Dad with a cast table read for a future episode, Seth MacFarlane told that they are moving forward with plans for a Family Guy feature film: “Fox wants it. We know what we want to do with it. It’s just a question of finding the time,” MacFarlane said. “That’s why The Simpsons took so many years to do theirs. It wasn’t because they didn’t know what they wanted to do with it. They just couldn’t fit it into the schedule. There’s so much to do for a weekly animated series — twice as much as you have to do for a live-action show. So, we’re finding time where we can. We’re in the early stages right now.”

And if you’d like to see a little more details on the American Dad table read press event, visit Entertainment Weekly.

Lauren Conrad discusses with her character from her recent Family Guy guest appearance.

Toon Zone reports (via The Hollywood Reporter) that FOX has already ordered a second season of Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show even though the first season won’t air until fall 2009. THR explains that FOX made this decision to keep the series “in continuous production and avoid shutting down and losing talent and crew, [and that] the pickup also ensures that Fox will have fresh episodes for fall 2010.”

– FOX Home Entertainment recently released Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy! (Uncensored) on DVD and Blu-Ray.

On a related note, Seth was honored as “Film and Video Person of the Year” at the 13th Annual Webby Awards “in recognition of his Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy animated videos distributed through Google’s content network and on”

– Seth MacFarlane was a guest recently on The Howard Stern Show. The audio is available in five parts via YouTube. [Caution: Contains adult language.]

HitFlix has an interview with Seth discussing American Dad, Family Guy, Stewie Griffin’s guest appearance on Bones, and upcoming cameos by sitcom cast members from How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men.

Previous news: 3.25.2009 — FOX Announces ‘The Cleveland Show’ Voice Cast.


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