Hank Azaria @ ‘Star Trek’ Premiere

THR TV attends the Star Trek red carpet event in Los Angeles, interviewing Hank Azaria (via YouTube) who ad libs as Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

Fast-forward to the 1:45 mark to see Hank’s interview.

Also at the premiere, Hank spoke with People Magazine about going through pregnancy with girlfriend Katie Wright: “She has everything: cravings, nausea – everything.”

Wright, whose baby is due this summer, says that her number one craving has been “In-N-Out-Burger.” To which Hank added, “They should really give us a year’s worth. We are the greatest [customers]. I literally bought a hat because I’ve delivered so much In-N-Out Burger in the last six months.”

Previous news: 4.03.2009 — Hank Azaria Guests on VH1’s Free Radio.


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