Featured Voices 4

Continuing my “Featured Voices” series highlighting online interviews with voice-over talents…

The Daily Journal interviews Billy DeWees, who has maintained a full-time career voice-over actor by recording in his closet at his home in Bourbonnais, IL.

DeWees was driven to succeed as a voice talent, and in this interview he reveals the steps he took to become successful, including investing $3,000 in a home studio, hiring consultant Johnna Gottlieb to help him develop his signature voice, recording a professional demo in Los Angeles, spending up to 12 hours a day recording for clients and making a concentrated, daily effort to market himself, search the web for voice-over jobs, and record auditions.

Gottlieb is also interviewed in the article.

News.com.au chats with NY voice talent (and former Aussie native) Karen Jacobsen, also known as “The GPS Girl.”

Jacobsen was also interviewed fairly recently by The Houston Chronicle.

– An anonymous voice talent discusses with blogger Andrew Sullivan on The Daily View how the recession has affected his work and his family.


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