Hugh Jackman on Voicing Wolverine

Excerpted from the Yahoo Video Games feature, Jackman Sharpens His Claws on Wolverine Game:

Q: What was your involvement in the upcoming Wolverine game? Was it just voiceover, or did you do any motion-capture?

A: There was no motion-capture but I did a lot of voiceover. I did more voiceover for this than I’ve ever done before. The story line follows, very vaguely, the movie storyline, but it actually goes beyond that as well. And of course for a game, you have to have various numbers of outcomes along the whole way, so we worked on it for over a year. I was very involved with it. I wanted the videogame to be as true to the character as I could, for the movie, and make it an experience that I think fans wanted.

Q: Was that an interesting challenge, only having voice to work with? Was that difficult in terms of still getting the character across?

A: You know, it is – it’s a different thing, because Wolverine in a way is very powerful and intense, and yet in another way he’s kind of laid back. He’s always got a line, and sometimes you can rely more on your facial expressions in the film than you can in the videogame.

Q: And you feel a certain pride of ownership in the character, I imagine.

A: Yeah, I’ve been playing Wolverine for ten years now, so I want to make sure he’s presented in the best possible way.

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