on How to Maintain a Healthy Voice contributor John Henry interviews LA vocal coach Michael Goodrich on “steps you can take to protect your voice so you can deliver a consistent performance” in Projection Protection.

This article also offers a little trivia factoid that Goodrich is the one responsible for helping Mike Myers develop his voice for the title character in DreamWorks’ Shrek film series:

“Our first thought, based upon what Shrek looked like, was to do something based upon the Scottish character in So I Married an Axe Murderer,” he says. Goodrich was worried that this voice might be a little taxing over numerous takes, so “I suggested he pitch the voice a bit higher to remove the strain.” Myers came up with Shrek’s now-familiar voice based upon Goodrich’s suggestions. “We took it to Disney [DreamWorks, actually. – Ed] and they loved it,” Goodrich says. “This was a voice that was safely produced and that he could do over long periods of time without hurting himself.”

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