Adam West Hosts ‘Batman Garage Sale’

Submitted for your amusement:

Funny or Die: Batman Garage Sale (with Adam West).

In related, non-satirical news, Wally Wingert relayed news via his blog that “Adam West’s son-in-law James is doing a documentary about his day-to-day life”:

[The documentary sounds] fascinating since Adam’s existence is so fascinating and diverse. James and his crew came by Planet Wallywood earlier in the day to shoot my collection and an interview with me telling stories about my experiences with Adam. After that, I got ready and headed to the “Family Guy” offices to do some more voices. I knew that Adam would be working that day as well, and James and his crew would be there filming. When I got there they got great footage of Adam and I hanging out, chatting, and having some laughs. Adam told the story on-camera of how we first met back in Sioux Falls, South Dakota back in 1980 and how he “discovered” me and encouraged me to move to L.A. Then Seth MacFarlane came out of the booth and he spoke on-camera with Adam for awhile.

Previous news: 3.21.2009 — Adam West is a Cab Driver.


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