Mike Judge on ‘King of the Hill’ Final Episode

King of the Hill creator and voice actor Mike Judge talks with The Vancouver Sun about the landmark 250th but sadly final episode of the TV series which aired Sunday:

Judge is philosophical about King of the Hill’s ending. At the season’s outset, he was worried about disappointing the show’s longtime fans with an off-year.

“I kept thinking I had one bad season in me,” Judge said. “And then we would end up having some really good episodes, and I wouldn’t worry so much. As long as the episodes were still good and it was still fun to do, I’d keep doing it.”

Cancellation is a relative concept, Judge added with a rueful laugh.

“We have been completely cancelled and all different degrees of cancelled, and so there’s no such thing as final finality, it seems.”

Although KOTH is ending, there is a glimmer of hope that fans may see the series continue on another network — Disney had first expressed interest in picking up the series until ABC president stated at a January press conference that ABC “definitely had no plans” to save the show. TVSeriesFinale.com reports that “[other] networks have apparently considered rescuing Hill but it hasn’t gone any further than that. Most believe that the series is over but it could certainly be revived some day in the future.”

Meanwhile, Judge is one of the co-creators and voice actors on the animated comedy The Goode Family which will air on ABC later this year. Judge is also the founder of The Animation Show showcasing “the world’s greatest independent animated short films,” which has released three DVD volumes and toured extensively in 2008. Furthermore, Judge wrote and directed the live-action comedy Extract coming to theaters September 4, 2009.

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