Anime Today Podcast Highlights Voice Acting

Episode #91 of Anime Today‘s podcast is described as a “voice acting special”:

This episode, we wanted to highlight voice acting with some clips from the interviews we’ve been fortunate enough to score with 12 multi-talented voice-over professionals. If you have any interest in voice acting, then be sure to keep listening because the clips we’ll be highlighting range from how they got started in the industry, how past experiences contributed to their voice acting techniques and how fans sometimes get the wrong impression about what it takes to be successful in this career.

Interviewees include Sean Schemmel, Liam O’Brien, Sam Regal, Crispin Freeman, Greg Ayres, Rich McNanna, Vic Mignogna, Luci Christian, Anna Morrow, Monica Rial, Kyle Hebert and Chris Patton.

Listen to the podcast online at


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