Voting Opens for 2009 Game Show Awards

The Game Show Network has opened the polls for public voting in their annual Game Show Awards, and golly bob howdy, they’ve included a category for game show announcers!

The nominees include:

Joe Cipriano, Deal or No Deal
Rich Fields, The Price is Right
Johnny Gilbert, Jeopardy!
Charlie O’Donnell, Wheel of Fortune
Burton Richardson, Family Feud
Mark Thompson, Don’t Forget the Lyrics!

And a few celebrities who have done some voice acting are nominated in the category for “Favorite Celebrity Player,” including Neil Patrick Harris, William Shatner, Dan Whitney (aka Larry The Cable Guy), and Craig Ferguson. And “Favorite Game Show Host” includes Howie Mandel (Bobby’s World, Gremlins), but I refuse to vote in this category because they snubbed the fantastically talented John O’Hurley (Duck Dodgers, SpongeBob SquarePants, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command) who hosts The Family Feud.

But if you’re not as nitpicky as I am, you can vote online via The Game Show Network. Winners will be announced on-air via GSN on June 6th.

Source: Voice Over Times


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