Michael Winslow Interviewed

Metronews.ca has an interview with vocal sound effects guru Michael Winslow (while on his stand-up comedy tour in Canada) in which he dishes details on a joint project with Bill Cosby: “He was really cool. He convinced me to tell classic stories, but put noises in them. It figures it would take Dr. Cosby to figure this out.”

Winslow also says he’s hoping to release a music CD this summer and mentions “talk of a Police Academy 8.”

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Update 5.01.2009: In an interview with Las Vegas Weekly, Winslow reveals more details about his joint project with Bill Cosby: “[Cosby] financed my first children’s television program. We just finished it; it’s in postproduction now. It’s called Win’s World. I hope you like puppets as well as live action. I miss the old Kaptian Kangaroo type shows, I’m trying to bring that back.”


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