Carlos Alazraqui Interviewed

The San Francisco Chronicle talks with Carlos Alazraqui (Fairly Odd Parents, Camp Lazlo, Rocko’s Modern Life) about voice acting, his role on Reno 911, and what he thinks about chihuahuas. Here’s an excerpt:

Being able to pronounce certain things in Spanish while still keeping in rhythm with the character and knowing what the warmth of that character is takes some time. It’s not necessarily something you have to study for, but after you do it long enough, you get it. Maybe after two seasons of doing “Rocko’s Modern Life” I felt that I was getting the hang of it. But every year I learn something different from so many veteran voice-over actors who are always teaching you how to pull characters from new and different places.

Continue reading: Comedy actor Alazraqui at Comix Event.

Carlos also has upcoming stand-up comedy gigs, such as April 24th, 2009 at the annual Comix 4 Comics event in San Francisco, CA at the Cartoon Art Museum. You can check for other scheduled events via his official website:


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