Voice-Over Documentaries In Production

In the interview I linked earlier on “movie trailer voices” there’s mention of a documentary on Don LaFontaine called The Voice Gods of Hollywood from Texas producer Jeff Keels.

After a little research, I found a tentative release date of June 20, 2011 listed on IMDb.com, along with a more detailed talent list that includes several noted names in the voice-over industry:

Hal Douglas
George DelHoyo
Andy Geller
Scott Rummell
Joe Cipriano
Ben Patrick Johnson
Bill Lloyd
Melissa Disney
Bill Ratner
Mark Elliot
Steve Stone

Keels was one of the producers for The World’s Heaviest Woman which aired on The Learning Channel. According to an August 2007 interview with Keels, Voice Gods was originally conceived as a series “following the top trailer voices in the past 40 years.”

I’ve contacted Keels to confirm the release date and possibly get more details on this project and will post an update upon his reply.

Elsewhere, Voice Over Xtra talks with UK voice talent Kris Henderson who is producing an audio documentary “The Voice That Rocks” which Henderson describes as a “documentary without picture [that] reveals the working life of the voice actor,” sharing “real-life stories about the voice-over industry in the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand and the U.S” and features such voice talents as Alan Bainbridge, Arthur Burton, Claire Dodin, Darren Altman, Finley Woods, Ian Pinnell and Sini Manner.

Henderson plans to release the audio project on May 20th. He explains, “Because of the nature of the voice-over industry, it was decided that we keep the long-running tradition of ‘actor who does not appear on camera,’ and produce the documentary without picture.”

A few days prior to Voice Over Xtra’s interview, Henderson posted details on his blog about the project, which at that time had a working title of “Confessions of a Voice Actor”:

I’ve always been interested to hear and read about the beginnings of a career in voiceover. For starters, of all the things one can possibly do, why voiceover?

I started by asking where the inspiration came from. Who, why, when and how, this has certainly helped build a better picture and even more so a better understanding of a voiceover actor and what it takes to be a successful one.


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