VA Photos/Interview from WB Animation Event

Warner Bros Animation has released images (available via Toon Zone) from the recent unveiling of the new mural at Warner Bros Studio, including Diedrich Bader (voice of Batman on Batman: The Brave and The Bold) and voice director Andrea Romano.

Elsewhere, chatted briefly with Bader and Romano at the event about Batman: The Brave and The Bold.

Additionally, has an interview with Jeff Bennett discussing how he got started in cartoon voice-overs, how he scored the role of The Joker and the influences on his performance, and some of his most recent projects:

“I lucked out,” Bennett admits. “I got in just when animation just started to take off. I think Prince Valiant was the first cartoon I ever did. I was a steady character in the days when they did series with 65 episodes upfront, no question. James Bond Jr., with Corey Burton, was another job like that. What was important was we got to be a lot of different characters in both those shows. It was a great workshop for guys like me. We would come up with all kinds of different voices for all the different villains. Shows like that really had only three or four actors doing all the voices. Literally. They would hand out the script and then ask who would want to play which character. From there, the director would pick which voice sounded good, switch people around and somehow we get it all done.

Continue reading: Actor Lends Voice to the Joker Legacy.


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  1. Fortress Guy says:

    The voice of Batman took a little getting used to. We really liked Kevin Conroy who had done it for so many years. But it has turned out to be pretty good.

    The Joker’s too, especially when it was the sane version in the alternate Owlman universe.

    Here is our take on both halves of season one with lots of pics and a few bits if wit if you are interested:

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