Robin Williams Recovering Well, Says Goldthwait

Following up on a previous report that Robin Williams was in intensive care following his heart surgery, comedian/actor/director Bobcat Goldthwait says in an April 9th interview with that Robin is “on the high end on the curve to recovery…[when] I saw him the other day, he had a lot of color and looked great.”

Williams stars in Goldthwait’s indie dark comedy “World’s Greatest Dad” (which also features a supporting role by voice actor Tom Kenny). Goldthwait says in the interview that the film has been picked up for distribution by Magnolia Pictures and will be released to selected theaters and via video-on-demand services in late August 2009:

[The] movie will screen at several other regional festivals before its August release, including the Syracuse International Film Festival, which takes place in Goldthwait’s hometown. Meanwhile, he’s keeping busy with standup work and a new screenplay that sounds far more ambitious than his earlier films: It’s an adaptation of The Kinks’s 1975 album “Schoolboys in Disgrace.”

“I want to make a musical out of it,” Goldthwait said. “It’s an album I’ve loved all my life.” He recently met with Kinks frontman Ray Davies to discuss the project. “I got in the room with him and sweated like I was on the Chris Farley Show,” he joked.

Previous news: 3.18.2009 — Tom Kenny Gives Bobcat Goldthwait a Commie.


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