Examiner.com Interviews Dino Andrade

Voice actor and SoulGeek.com creator Dino Andrade discusses with Examiner.com his plans for SoulGeek.com, his dream role, his favorite websites, and what his superpower would be if he had one:

My latest role, funny enough, was some talking chicken McNuggets for an animated McDonalds commercial for their Snack Wraps. I was originally cast as the voice of a basketball Coach that sounded a lot like Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The funny thing was they used the original auditions for the temp animation and got their notes confused. As a result, they didn’t realize when they made their final casting decisions that they had also cast me as the Snack Wrap which was a hip teen. The voices sounded so different, I guess they didn’t realize I was the same guy. They figured it out about 90 minutes before I was scheduled to record the coach and so there was a mad scramble to reach my agent to sign off on my recording an additional character at the last minute. That kind of luck makes you grateful. This commercial should air anytime.

Dream Role…I love playing villains. In fact, I’ve just done two famous major villains in a pair of high-profile video games that unfortunately I can’t talk about yet, but when the games come out I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I’d have to say the Joker. I’ve been a Batman fan since the 80’s and Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight finally showed the world what we comic book fans have always known, which is what a truly complex character the Joker truly is. It would be a thrill to walk around in those complex shoes for awhile. I don’t know what I would bring to the character to make it my own, but I would love the challenge.

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