Bill Cosby on Tour

I realize Bill Cosby is far more recognized as an on-camera actor, author, and comedian than he is for his voice work in cartoons, but his comedy albums and the character voices he performed on Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids in the 1970’s were early influences on my interest in performing and voice acting.

I had the opportunity to see one of Bill’s live shows in Tupelo, MS back in the late 90’s, and even today moments from that night still stand out in my mind, like him chastising a woman for coming in late to his show. He continued to scold her, and I swear the woman almost came to tears before Bill had to convince her he was joking. He called the woman up front, bent down and gave her a kiss, after which he remarked, “That’s the first time I’ve tasted the vanilla pudding!”

Now at the age of 71, Bill is still touring and has a fairly heavy schedule through November of 2009, and you can see the full list of upcoming dates at If he’s coming to a location anywhere near you, get yourself some tickets, take a friend or your family, and go enjoy yourself. I promise you won’t regret it.

That being said, Iowa’s The Daily Nonpariel has an interview with Bill about his live show, the 25th Anniversary of The Cosby Show, and his thoughts on the state of television. And there’s also a follow-up review of his concert.

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