Voices.com Announces 2009 ‘Voicey’ Award Winners

Voices.com has announced the winners of their 3rd Annual “Voicey Awards.” Of note is the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for Don Morrow. Although lesser recognized than the late Don LaFontaine, Morrow (the “other” Don) has been just as prominent in the art of movie trailer voice-overs.

Visit Vox Daily to see the complete list of winners. And I’ll pass along the advice of my fellow VO blogger Dave Courvoiser on why this list is important for both aspiring and working voice actors:

Click on every one of the winners and those nominated. Listen to all of their demos. In fact, you should be listening to everyone’s demo…good and bad…all the time. It helps you know what’s getting attention — what you should maybe be doing — and what you definitely should NOT be doing.

That’s not your invitation to copy anyone else’s style. But it DOES give you a clue of how the good ones are managing their most prized possession — their demo.

And I can’t go without offering a hearty congratulations to my pal Dave DeAndrea for winning “Best Male Voice.”


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