VA Duo Appearing at Michigan Event

Voice actors Tara Platt [Link:] and Yuri Lowenthal [Link:] are scheduled as guests for the first-ever Kids Read Comics Convention in Chelsea, Michigan on June 12-13, 2009.

Like other noted voice acting couples before, such as Maggie Roswell/Hal Rayle and Russi Taylor/Wayne Allwine (the respective voices of Minnie and Mickey Mouse), Tara and Yuri have been married since 2002 and have regularly wound up being cast members on the same projects, such as providing the respective voices of Temari and Sasuke Uchiha on the anime series Naruto. The couple will be teaching a voice-over workshop at the event.

Tara and Yuri appeared at the January 2009 Florida Supercon where they were interviewed by Newsarama. And Matt Price’s Nerdage blog has four recent interviews with Yuri discussing his guest role on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, voicing video game characters, and performing the voice of Superman in Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes:

3.24.2009 — Actor’s voice has heroic quality

3.20.2009 — Yuri Lowenthal on Superman Inspirations

3.20.2009 — Yuri Lowenthal’s favorite Legion of Superheroes episodes

3.13.2009 — Former ‘Prince of Persia’ Joins Resistance on ‘Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles


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