Voice-Over Ruins ‘Wonder Years’ Star’s Wedding

I think I may start a series on the odd things that pop up in the random Google searches I do to harvest links for this blog.

I’d read recent news that actress Danica McKellar, who played “girl-next-door” Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, had married composer Mike Verta on Sunday, March 22nd.

McKellar has actually done a great deal of voice acting for various video games (Everquest II, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, X-Men Legends), was a series regular on Static Shock, and has provided guest voices on King of The Hill, Justice League, and Captain Planet.

People Magazine actually has a nice write-up about her wedding, but the Google search result that caught me by surprise was this article from The Huffington Post: Longing Voice-Over Ruins Wedding of “Winnie Cooper” Actress:

Danica McKellar, better known as Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years, married her longtime boyfriend, Mike Verta this weekend. Despite the beautiful ceremony, everyone in attendance was made uncomfortable as a wistful voice narrated the nuptials – a voice that sounded oddly like one of the Wet Bandits, the crime duo known for burglarizing houses during Christmas.

McKellar was also met with a surprise when Joe Cocker’s cover of “With A Little Help From My Friends” accompanied her walk down the aisle.

Nobody could identify the owner of the distracting, yet extremely insightful rumination. Most guests suspected it was the adolescent boy, Kevin, who seemed deeply entrenched in his own thoughts and the only person oblivious to the omniscient voice.

While the wedding’s narration seemed to hover around the topic of “Things Never Turning Out Exactly The Way You Planned,” it also spent a lot of time discussing how much it “hated Wayne.”

It was around that point that I finally realized (as you just have, undoubtedly) that I’d “been had,” and that the article was spoofing actor Daniel Stern’s voice-over narration on The Wonder Years.

At any rate, congratulations to the newlyweds. And if I weren’t already happily married, I’d be heartbroken — like many boys who faithfully watched the show back in the late 80’s, I too once had a crush on Winnie Cooper.


One Response to Voice-Over Ruins ‘Wonder Years’ Star’s Wedding

  1. ShadowWing Tronix says:

    I was never much into Winnie. She was cute but way to reserved, and not in the good way. Danica, however, is as intellegent as she is hot. For one thing, she’s a math geek. So for Danica, count me among the heartbroken. 😦

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