VAs on DVD: ‘Venture Bros’ Cast has a review of The Venture Bros: Season 3 (released today on DVD and Blu-Ray) with details on the special features:

Audio Commentaries (286 minutes): Series creator Jackson Publick [aka aka Christopher McCulloch, voice of Hank Venture, The Monarch, Henchman 24] sits down with co-writer/editor/voice actor Doc Hammer [voice of Doctor Girlfriend, Master Billy Quizboy, Henchman 21] for a snarky, hilarious, and infectious collection of commentaries that dig through each animated entry in Season 3. The pair talk about current events, pop culture, classic television, and random genre flicks more than anything else, but their chatter is often far funnier than the episodes themselves. While they do manage to reveal a lot of behind-the-scenes information, it’s sprinkled throughout the length of the 13-part commentary. Still, it’s a real treat for fans and, in my opinion, made it worth sitting through the entire commentary.

Unfortunately, other than the commentaries, this release does not include any behind-the-scenes featurettes with the voice cast. But between the many hours of commentary, deleted scenes, the Blu-Ray release including a Season 3 music soundtrack, plus the first-ever HD Adult Swim Blu-Ray release, Venture Bros. fans should not be disappointed.

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