Dino Andrade is a Love Guru

Dino Andrade, voice actor and widower of the late Mary Kay Bergman, talks with PCWorld.com and Geeks of Doom about what inspired him to start SoulGeek.com, a social network/dating site helping to connect genre fans romantically worldwide.

Andrade had been married to Mary Kay for a decade before her tragic death and it took him several years to recover from the loss, and he had a great deal of difficulty attempting to reconnect socially with someone of shared interests: “When you’re in your 30s and you tell people you read Batman and watched Star Wars 25 times in the theater, it makes it impossible to connect with anyone. You would have thought that being a widower would have been a bigger hurdle to jump. Not the case.”

GeeksofDoom.com says Andrade eventually “found love again with his old high school sweetheart — who’s also a fangal. However, he never forgot the difficulty of weeding out the majority of the population to find a geeky soul mate and so he started SoulGeek.com in 2007 with the money left to him by his late wife.”

Andrade partnered with Battlestar Galactica star Richard Hatch to develop SoulGeek.com, which currently boasts over 16,000 members and is averaging 1,000 new members per month. Not content with merely being successful, Andrade and Hatch have much greater plans for the network:

Stage 1, SoulGeek.com, is already up and proven successful. What we are doing now is moving forward with a major retooling and upgrading of the current site as well as actively developing the infrastructure of the mass community-based expansion. We’re expanding and enhancing beyond a dating site into what will essentially become SoulGeek Nation. The fact is we’ve come this far without outside investment and not sure we really need it, but we are exploring the option of outside investment for the next couple of stages.

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