Vin Diesel is a Geek

Yahoo has an interview with Vin Diesel on producing (and starring in) the video game The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.

While he doesn’t discuss his voice acting for the game in the interview, I believe genre fandom would find it interesting that he freely admits being a fanboy, a hardcore gamer, a Dungeons and Dragons roleplayer, and a “huge fan of game animation.”

Says Diesel, “I am a Tekken guy. I am a Dead Or Alive guy. I’m a Soul Calibur guy. And I played these games like every kid would love to have played these games – on fifty-foot screens. My dedication to these fighting games has been a little sick at times, because it’s been in these huge auditoriums, and I’ve created these tournaments — I have all these guys come and play, and we’d sooner be playing fighting games for money than poker. There’s nothing cooler than sitting in an auditorium filled with people and having your avatar on a 50-foot screen kicking someone’s booty.”

Continue reading: Vin Revisits Riddick in ‘Dark Athena’ [Yahoo]

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