Adam West is a Cab Driver

LA Times blogger Geoff Boucher talks with Adam West on Batman, his role as Mayor Adam West on Family Guy, and his upcoming TV and movie appearances.

When comparing his role as Batman to more recent performances, West says, “Batman is so dark now, The new films, they are grim, Gothic, full of explosions, mayhem. It’s the way of things, I suppose, the whole world seems darker. I look at [it] this way: They’ve got the ‘Dark Knight,’ and I was the bright knight. Or maybe I was even … the neon knight. There’s a lot of talent, money and expertise with the new films. They’re beautifully crafted, but there’s something about our Batman that still strikes a chord. And as for me, I’m too young and pretty to retire, as somebody once said.”

West says he has a guest role on a new episode of 30 Rock, and reveals that he will physically appear with Rob Lowe in a live-action scene for an upcoming episode of Family Guy, which West says is “hysterical.”

West also discusses his role in the new superhero spoof film Super Capers which opened in select theaters March 20th:

“It’s a very bright comedy adventure. In it I’m a cab driver [who has] gotten a hold of the Batmobile and converted it to a taxi cab — with air conditioning. I meet up with a young guy who’s trying to be a super hero, played by an actor named Justin Whalin, who is quite good, and I’m able to drive him around on some of his misadventures. It’s a family film which means you can take anyone from a 2-year-old to your great-granny to it and they probably would all enjoy it. I’m happy to be part of that.”

When asked what it was like to be back behind the wheel of the Batmobile, West says, “It was great. All those things that you do in a long career come back pretty easily once you get your hands on the wheel.

The cast of Super Capers includes other actors who are no strangers to voice acting: Doug Jones (Hellboy Animated), Clint Howard (Curious George, Winnie The Pooh), June Lockhart (The Critic, Duckman), and John Polito (Chowder, Batman Beyond, Avatar: The Last Airbender).

You can view the trailer for the film at

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