Featured Voices 2

Continuing my “Featured Voices” series highlighting online interviews with voice-over talents, today’s random Google search offers two:

Kevin Sponsler, aka Max Gunn
Interviewed in the Siskiyou Daily News: Sponsler lends voice to Discovery’s Military Channel — Excerpt:

[Sponsler] gets up every morning about 2:45 to prepare for his voiceover work. “It takes me about an hour to get into the military narrator character, then I start recording,” Sponsler said. “A military narrator’s voice needs to be very intense in order to convey the seriousness of the subject matter.”

The choice of Max Gunn as a show business alias turned out to be a two-part process, he said. He was originally Kevin Gunn; Gunn is the surname of an old Scottish clan from which Sponsler descended. “I used Kevin Gunn for awhile, then decided Max Gunn had a better ring to it,” he explained. “In this business, perception is everything.” He said when he changed the first name to Max, calls for potential work increased dramatically.

The military narrator voice is his top choice of the many types he has used. “This is my favorite kind of narrating,” Sponsler said. “The military sound really fits my voice.”

He calls himself “the ultimate perfectionist,” and will spend hours trying to get just a short clip right. He worked on [Discovery’s] “Top Sniper II” from December until late February.

How did he get the job? “Producers send scripts that fit our voice profiles, and we then audition with voiceover talents from all over the U.S. and worldwide,” Sponsler explained. “So it’s a very competive playing field, but very fun.”

– UK actor/comedian Rob Brydon
Interviewed in Oxford Mail: Welsh Rare Bit — Excerpt:

[Rob] covers a whole range of subjects [in his stand-up comedy] such as the joy of voiceovers.

“I talk about how ludicrous it is doing voiceovers for products such as Toilet Duck. I also discuss how having a very flexible voice has been a great help to me over the years. I can make anything sound good. ‘Hi, I’ve got herpes!’ Doesn’t that sound great?”


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