AWM Interviews ‘Venture Bros’ Creators

The March issue of Animation World Magazine includes an interview with The Venture Bros. co-creators Jackson Publick (aka Christopher McCulloch, voice of Hank Venture, The Monarch, Henchman 24) and Doc Hammer (voice of Doctor Girlfriend, Master Billy Quizboy, Henchman 21) who discuss the Season 3 DVD/Blu-Ray (releasing 3.24.2009, and includes commentary by Publick and Hammer) and details of guest voices and info on the upcoming 4th season which is scheduled to air beginning in November on [adult swim]:

In addition to the regular voice cast, the season will feature such returning guest voices as Brendon Small (Home Movies, Metalocalypse) and H. Jon Benjamin (Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, Home Movies, Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil) and one-off appearances by Kevin Conroy (who didn’t need to be encouraged to sound more like Batman, according to Hammer), Seth Green, John Hodgman and Patton Oswalt.

“Seth’s another Adult Swim guy and he’s a fan of the show,” Publick continued. “Hodgman’s a friend of ours. Patton Oswalt’s a friend of a friend and a big fan, so I think we can get those guys again. I don’t know if we’ll have them again; we’ll see. We’ll have to see how their characters work out.”

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