Video Games That Make *You* The Voice Actor (Part II)

Continuing the commentary on a previous report of video games that make gamers’ actual voice an integral part of gameplay…

Nintendo has released the finalists of their 2008 Game Seminar, an annual event in Tokyo, Japan in which 40 students are split into teams and given 10 months to develop a title for the Nintendo DS.

Among the finalists is a game called Re: Koetist — a combination of “Koe”, which is Japanese for “voice,” and “Artist.” [] Gamers play as a voice actor by reciting dialog which is modified and played back to amusing results “with unexpected on-screen twists in each scenario.” []

Want to play the game? Well, you’ve got a long walk in store — it’s only available in Japan via DS Download stations, and for a very limited time from March 26 through April 8.

To view screencaps of the game, visit

Here’s hoping this title is released stateside.



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