Biggest Voice Cast Ever? [Updated]

An article in the UK-based The Independent [link: Playing By Numbers: The Rise and Rise of Gaming] reveals a series of interesting statistics from the gaming industry, including a factoid that the video game Grand Theft Auto IV had an estimated budget of around $100 million which was said to have employed “18 writers, more than 250 voice actors, 40 artists, plus animators, designers, testers and researchers.”

“More than 250 voice actors”? That has to be some kind of record. (Just imagine the table read!)

GTA IV did break previous a Guinness World Record “for the highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours, earning $310 [million],” but I would think that also sets a record for the most humongous voice cast ever. Can anyone out there think of any other project that employed more than 250 voice actors?

Update 3.26.2009: The Independent’s report of “more than 250 voice actors” was vastly understated. states that the actual total count for GTA IV was “861 voice actors,” which is officially the “largest voice cast” in a video game according to Guinness World Records. reports that Michael Hollick earned over $100,000 for performing the voice of GTA IV lead character Niko Bellic, but will never see any royalties or residuals from the game’s $1 billion-plus revenue.


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