‘Knight Rider’ GPS Reviewed

The Miami Herald blogger Bridget Carey has reviewed the tech gadget Knight Rider GPS by Mio which features the original voice of K.I.T.T., William Daniels. Carey says, “What’s not to love about this? Sometimes it can be quirky, but overall it’s a great product with a nice screen and a fun voice. It’s a must-have for any pop-culture geek.”

The GPS device can also be customized with a personal voice greeting from a database of more than 300 names.

MiamiHerald.com includes a capsule version of Carey’s review, and a more detailed commentary that includes a complete list of customizable names and video review is offered on Carey’s blog.

In related news, Peter Cullen (voice of iconic Transformers character Optimus Prime) recently reprised his role as the voice of K.A.R.R. in the revamped Knight Rider TV series. Watch the full episode “Knight To King’s Pawn” online at NBC.com.


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