Tom Kenny To Host 2009 ELAN Awards

Tom Kenny (voice of SpongeBob SquarePants) will be hosting the 3rd Annual ELAN Awards, an international event “honoring the talent behind video games, animation, and visual effects.”

Kenny, who has already been declared an ELAN winner for “Best Voice Over in an Animated Production,” says of hosting the event, “Since my kids are far too busy playing video games to talk to me anymore, I’m looking forward to the social interaction of the ELAN Awards.” Show founder Holly Carinci adds, “Tom will make our guests remember that what they do for a living is entertain people at a time they most need to be entertained and that theirs is a talent that should be celebrated and awarded.”

The ELAN Awards take place Saturday, April 25th at the Fairmount Hotel in Vancouver, B.C. Limited seating is available for this event, and nearly a dozen of the 50 tables available have already sold out. To purchase tickets, visit

The ELANS are asking industry professionals go to to cast their vote for the recipients of the “Video Game Hall of Fame”, “Lifetime Achievement in Animation” and the “Visionary Award” (VFX).

To view the full list of nominees, the press release is available at

Seth MacFarlane
(Family Guy, American Dad) and William Shatner (Star… something, I forget) previously served as hosts for The ELANS, and photos from those events are available at

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