Jared Harris Talks ‘Watchmen’ Animated D2V

Sci-Fi Wire has interviewed Jared Harris (Fringe) on providing “the voice of the ghostly character Ridley in the upcoming direct-to-DVD animated film Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter.”

Warner Home Video will release the D2V companion to the live-action Watchmen movie on 3.24.2009. Included on the DVD and Blu-Ray special features is a featurette which includes interviews with cast members Carla Gugino, Matt Frewer, Stephen McHattie, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Harris says of working on the project:

Sci-Fi Wire: Give us a sense of the story and how your character fits into the action.

Harris: I voice Ridley, the shipmate who briefly survives the pirate attack with Gerard’s character, then dies and is attached to his raft as ballast. As [Butler’s character] loses his mind, I start talking and taunting him from beyond the grave, or below the water. Somehow I manage to keep my head while the sharks are gnawing on the rest of my carcass. The Black Freighter runs throughout the action of the main body of [Watchmen] as a counterpoint to the action.

Sci-Fi Wire: Had you done any voice acting before?

Harris: This was my first. It was fun and very silly, as is all acting.


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